About Visions of Software

Software is a wonderful innovation.  There are many languages and frameworks out there that allow developers to express themselves in a simple and elegant way.

This blog will focus on some of these languages and frameworks and bring to light interesting, complex or just good to know features and capabilities.  Articles will range from simple and accessible for beginners up to whatever can be imagined.

Welcome!  I hope you enjoy the ride.

(Header image derived from phatman flickr image.)

About Stephen Hunt

Stephen is a .Net software professional based in London, UK. He can be contacted at stephen.hunt at usa.net. If there are any technologies / issues you want me to consider writing a blog entry for – feel free to email me with details.


All content is copyright Stephen Hunt at date of publication. All code sections and snippets are provided free to be used and / or modified and are supplied as-is.


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